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color and style
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Flagstone, Basket Weave
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Herringbone, Cobblestone

Unlimited Custom Colors

Several colors can be used in one design

Color matching is available


Minimal Mess
No Demolition

For Concrete and Other Masonry surfaces

Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces

Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces

New or Existing Surfaces

Cracked or Damaged Surfaces

Designs can include any tile size and are available in numerous patterns.






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This is the original drive way after resurfacing. The driveway was tinted a bright white and gray brick was added around the edges.
In this image we have removed the original resurfacing and added a dark gray brick around the edges that was small in size than the original resurfacing. Bricks can be any size.
Here we included a traditional red brick around the whole drive way. Red brick accents the driveway and improves the curb appeal.
Using the red brick example, we included herringbone brick up to the side walk. This is a good example of the different types of designs that are possible.
Again using the red brick example we included a yellow stain that matches the color of the garage door. Color matching is available for most colors.
Light gray brick is used to accent the drive way and keep with the color scheme of the shingles on the roof.
While green doesn't really work in this driveway, it is a good example of the different types of work that can be done.
Flagstone driveway.

  Images were created in Photoshop to simulate different colors and textures used on a driveway. The first image is the actual image, the remainder are simulations.
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